They slowed up paces later, flinging up sand, as four lobsters cut off the light at the end of the row. Each carried a sword.

“What in sea and sky are you doing?” The one who asked sounded less angry than incredulous.

“Stealing a ship.” Wrest stepped out of the way as the lobster slashed downward with his blade. He almost dropped his sword as another guard hurtled into him from behind. “Arcite, help!”

Arcite flipped his goggles down. One of the guards shouted, “Don’t let the little guy take anything out of the bag!”

Two lobsters went for Arcite. Still digging, he retreated to the narrow space between ships. Wrest caught a thrust from his right and backed up to join him. As the swordsmen tried to follow them, Arcite belted out a war cry, and tossed a pellet into the bottleneck.

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